We are going to show you how to work less, with less stress, and make more money

Digital Roofing Innovations was created from Zach Blenkinsopp (and his business partner, Chris McGuire) to do what others said was impossible. To own a trades and construction company but still be able to travel the world and manage their business from remote locations.

Whether you want to travel more, go back to college, coach your son’s baseball team, or whatever goals you have in life, this roadmap will help you achieve those because we want to give you more of life’s most precious commodity: time.

Zach was 32, had a corporate job that kept him tied to a desk and he realized he had never lived outside the US, had never experienced true freedom, nor was in charge of his own life. He read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and “The 4 Hour Workweek” and booked a trip to South America the next week to see what he was missing. Within two weeks of returning, he quit his full-time job and started Digital Roofing Innovations. 

“One of my passions in my life has always been trying to help and mentor others. I was lucky to discover a life that most only dream to have yet most could have it if they had the knowledge. I feel like it’s my duty to share with others how to build a successful roofing company that supports their dreams in life.”